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Please forward all correspondence to us as follows:

Art Sphere Inc.
BOK Building, 1901 S 9th Street, Studio 502
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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Below are diagrams of the Bok Building (click the image for a larger view).

Bok Building Diagram Level 1
Bok Building Level 1
Bok Building Diagram Level 5
Bok Building Level 5

4 thoughts on “Contact or Visit Us

  1. Hi Anuja!
    Thank you for reaching out to us. I like your organization’s web site and what I have read about your work.
    We have lots of free materials you can use for your program here
    Best of luck with your work for helping teenagers!
    Love to hear more about what you,
    Executive Director ASI

  2. Hi Chad,
    I have sent you information to connect you with our intern who can help you if you are able to get her questions soon.
    Best of luck with your blog and your project!

  3. Hello Art Sphere,

    I have a nonprofit, along with being a Reading Captain and I have a project at an elementary school. They are in need of a revitalization on the inside, the walls are white with black quotes randomly placed. It would be an honor to collaborate on a mural program at this school.

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