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As a volunteer there will be opportunities to document your experiences. Below is a guide for how to participate:

Fill out the volunteer form below and contact Art Sphere Inc. (ASI) with your interest.

Above a student volunteer shares with ASI what she did to transform Fishtown Recreation Center! Watch other volunteers express their joy and fulfillment on You Tube!

Art Sphere Inc participates in reoccurring events such as:

Companies can also participate with ASI through corporate retreats. Take a look at Siemens retreat at the Fishtown Recreation Center.

Volunteer Forms below help ASI staff  1) program for your group, 2) learn your volunteer skills, interests and schedule whether for individuals or a group, 3) allow individuals to participate in our projects, 4) continually improve  our programming with  your completed feedback form.

Please complete these two pages below (pdf version here: ASI volunteer Release and Intake form 2014) and email to For adults seeking ongoing volunteer opportunities also include your resume. For groups each member is required to fill release.


ASI Intake Release Form rev. 2017


For some specific site requirements, volunteer and intern teachers are asked to complete Act 34 Background Check Information and Act 151 (Child Abuse) Background Check Information. (Currently, this is not a general requirement for mural painting, office work, one time or occasional volunteers, or volunteers under the age of 18).

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