Meet Volunteer Sadie!

Hello everyone! My name is Sadie Rosado I graduated from E3 Power City Center June 2018 receiving my ged . I’m currently doing an Intership at The Art Sphere as an volunteer which I started today July 10, 2018. I’m interested  at working at the Art Sphere because i enjoy how the way art is created and displayed. I decided to do this Intership for more work experience and my passion for art .

Although, I might not be the best at drawling art there are different forms of art l’m good at such as music. Even though I received my ged I wont be stopping there I’ll be attending trade school to become an audio engineer. I’m super excited to start working at The Art Sphere not just for the experience but to enjoy the hands on work and to interact with others.

One thought on “Meet Volunteer Sadie!

  1. I am so happy for you Sadie! Hope you learn a lot and contribute a lot at the internship. All steps along the way for you!

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