Meet Volunteer Brianna

I am a sophomore student at Drexel University majoring in Biology. I hope my major will eventually lead me to the endocrinology field (hormone control). Before my interest in science my first love was the arts. It came natural to me where I only needed my paper, pencil and mind to create. Art was my oasis that I valued as much as I did then, now. I studied art in middle school at Mark Twain and continued at Fiorella H. LaGuardia High School. Throughout the years I’ve narrowed down my favorite medias in art as charcoal, watercolor, and cray pastel. I am also experienced in oil painting, printmaking and digital media.

Art Sphere’s message and goal holds a deep connection to me. I grew up in a school that the arts weren’t as prominent as I felt it should be, but made use of what was given through works that combined academics and visual art.  I was fortunate to have a mother and teachers that recognized and encouraged me in pursuing art. I want to be that factor in a child’s life and inspire their dreams no matter what. After I graduated, I didn’t  want to  rid myself of the arts for a more academically challenging school. Within the education system art can be looked down upon, but I love how Art Sphere encourages it for future careers and interests to children. I’ve worked with children ranging from 9 months to 9 years in a daycare and tutored elementary to middle school leveled children. I hope my time at Art Sphere would continue to show art in its radiant form.

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