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Hi I’m Becca

Hi my name is Becca and I will be volunteering for the next few Wednesdays with Art Sphere doing art with kids in Fishtown with Dayna! It’s a good 8 mile bike for me coming from West Philly and I am grateful once I get there to do nothing but  art with kids for 6 hours! They brighten my day, I think we learn a lot from each other, and I realize how important for kids to see that art is valued in this world and in their lives!

I grew up going to a waldorf school where the arts in many forms were woven into our curriculum. Since then I have consistently drawn and painted on my own, often doing watercolor portraits for people I know and love.  Right now I feel more interested in doing collaborative art on a bigger canvas! I got into that in a particular way through dance, specifically contact improvisation which is a collaborative non-competitive improvisational dance form that involves a lot of physical contact between bodies! I just graduated from Oberlin College this spring where I found and fell in love with Contact Improvisation. I will go back there this fall to TA my professors dance class! I hope to learn more about how to integrate movement and dance into education and how to collaborate through dance with other art forms!

For now I am in philly doing research for my professor’s new book and trying to find enjoyable things to do beyond that computer work -have been volunteering on an urban farm, with Food not Bombs and now Art Sphere, please let me know if there is any other great things to get involved with in Philly!