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Hello there! I am a Temple University senior in Communication Studies and Art History. I love working with ASI because I see the immediate impact the organization has on our surrounding communities. I help with volunteer coordinating, as well as office management. Art, and the practice of creating has the power to transform lives, and I know this because it has done so for me while attending CAPA high school for visual arts, and further pursuing the arts as an undergraduate. As a waitress and full-time student, I make time for Art Sphere Inc because I believe in it's mission values, and see the positive impact they have in Philadelphia.

It takes a village of people to build a village!


At Samuel Playground, the group Miss Ashlyn and I see are only boys, because the girls have a Girl Scout program. With that being said, a few of the older boys are easily disinterested in art projects because they are spending a lot of time in the pool, and out of the field.  While most of them really had fun with all of the projects, I wanted to engage everyone.

We broke them into two teams, and each team had to build a strong village.

“What does a village of people need in order to survive?” I asked.

They named mostly everything, such as food, shelter, water streams, PEOPLE, animals, and   they also needed to protect themselves, therefore they said swords. They would need to decide amongst themelves who would be in charge of what, because that is how a village functions, everyone has a craft, or specialty.


  1. tinfoil to soft sculpt people, animals, and objects.

2.  yellow-envelopes houses for shelter

3. cut-out trees, stencils to texture the water,

4. white paper for walls of village/fort

5. poster paper for the base

6. crayons, markers, etc.

This exercise brought them all together, working collaboratively. We had never seen them so task-oriented, and focused on teamwork! They took it very seriously when someone was slacking on their job! They also made dragons to fly over the trees as protectors, and kings for the villages. They went as far as making bananas out of tinfoil. It was truly amazing to see what their little minds came up with!