Spring Cleaning!

This spring break, I found myself back at Towey Recreation Center, along with fellow volunteers, cleaning up the playground. Many folks came out for a great cause and we were able to get the job done pretty quickly. Everyone  painted the baskets and other poles with flowers, picked up trash and raked. Unfortunately, I found myself sweeping up glass from the basketball court.  I imagined a kid hurting themselves on it and that motivated me to try and clean every inch, including rocks and dirt that just kept blowing away. In the end, the playground looked good as new. Hopefully, kids will come out to play on it in the coming months.

Towey Rec. Center – Marshmallow Stamps and Salt Painting

The children at Towey Rec. Center worked with some edible materials for this week’s art activity.  We started with using marshmallows as stamps.  With a little green paint we stamped some ‘shamrocks’, or 3 & 4 leaf clovers.  The young artists then decided to use a bit of yellow paint to stamp some gold coins creating a big pot of gold!  Keeping with the St. Patrick’s Day theme, we drew big shamrocks on paper with glue, and sprinkled salt everywhere the glue was.  After they dried a little, we used a watery paint mixture to add some color to our art.  Just a dab of the paint and the color spread through the salt creating beautiful crystalized clovers.

Towey Rec. Center – “God’s Eyes”

On one Thursday after school at Towey Rec., the young artists there were challenged to make a craft called ‘God’s eyes.’  These ‘Ojos de Dios’ are associated with the Huichol and Tepehuan Indians, and were made as spiritual gifts for favor and protection.  Using tree branches, yarn, and a lot of patience, they wrapped their way to some beautiful creations.  First, they had to chose which 2 sticks they wanted to use as the “cross”.  They were long, short, thin, and thick.  The young artists then chose yarn in multiple colors to get the look they wanted.

Towey Rec. Center – Clay Pinch Pot Animals

Clay modeling was a huge hit at Towey this semester.  The kids here range in age from 6-14, and they all absolutely love working with the clay.  After finishing other activities, they always want to create some new ceramic masterpiece!  We encouraged them to make pinch pots, as well as animals, and they came up with some very creative ideas of their own.  After all pieces were molded, dried, glazed, and fired in the kiln, the children had beautiful pieces that many thought of as gifts for family members.